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Lt. Richard L. Neenan




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Lieut. (jg) Richard L. Neenan, whose wife, Mrs. Norma H. Neenan, lives at 125 Twenty-sixth street drive SE; Boatswain’s Mate 2/c Donald Zimmerman, whose wife, Mrs. Jeanie R. Zimmerman, lives at 1715 C street NW, and Fireman 2/c Bernard J. Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Severton Johnson, 840 C street SE, are serving aboard the carrier USS Hancock in the western Pacific.

This famous carrier has accounted for nine Jap warships, 32 merchant ships, 241 planes and an indefinite number of enemy aircraft destroyed on the ground, since she was commissioned less than a year ago.

The Hancock has the unequalled one-day record of 71 Jap planes shot down, 19 probably downed and eight destroyed and 12 damaged on the ground. This score was tallied during a raid over Tokyo on Feb. 15, 1945.

Source: Cedar Rapids Tribune, June 21, 1945