Sioux County

Lt. Wayne C. Nebben


Flies Back to Camp.
Lt. Wayne C. Nebben left Sioux City Wednesday morning by plane for his base at Clovis, New Mexico. He spent his leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Nebben and brother and sister, along with other relatives in this vicinity.

Source: Sioux Center News, August 31, 1944

Lt. Wayne C. Nebben, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Nebben, wishes to thank the Commercial Club and American Legion Auxiliary for the Christmas gift which he received January 6. He says it is the first Christmas package he got.

Lt. Nebben is based somewhere in India and is the only Rock Valley boy so far to pilot a B-29 giant super-fortress. He flies from India to a base in China, and has been on bombing missions in the southern part of the Japanese Islands. Due to censorship regulations he has not been able to write much more than that.

Source: Rock Valley Bee, Friday, January 26, 1945 (photo included)