Plymouth County


Robert Dean Nash






Robert Dean Nash was born 29 June 1924, at Kingsley, Iowa, to Richard and Ann (Jacobson) Nash. Had one sister, Betty. Graduated Kingsley in 1942.

Was living in Kingsley at the time I was drafted. Drafted 14 April 1943. Trained Fort Knox, Shanute Field, Illinois, Jefferson Barricks, Missouri, and Laredo, Texas. Left the states, 19 December 1944 to served in China, Burma, and India, with the 381st Air Service. Was Discharged, 14 May 1946.

In Fort Knox, I was an armored foot soldier before transferring to the Air Force. I always was interested in planes. I took aerial gunnery training in Laredo, Texas. I also worked in the officer’s mess, did a little cooking, and some typing.

I flew the hump in India.

I remember I cleaned latrines for a month for talking back to an officer. I also remember when the main chef did not show up. I made
pancakes for the officers. I forgot to put baking powder in the pancakes. I had a lot of returns.

I have a rifle expert ribbon, and the good conduct.

I had one special buddy from the service. He was from Montana. We got together every year. He passed away three years ago.

Married Viola Wiertzema, 16 December 1950, at Kingsley. Children born to this union are Richard, Bradley, and Randall. Lost one son in 1980. We have three grandsons and one great grandson. Both Living sons joined the military.

I was a lineman for IPS for 34 years. I am a member of Nash Post in Kingsley. The post is named for my Uncle.

Submitted by his wife, Viola Nash.