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Lt. Charles J. Murphy




11-Star Service Flag Is Displayed In Home Here
Represents Husband, 4 Brothers, 6 Brother-In-Law of Woman

An 11-star service flag, representing her husband, four brothers and six brothers-in-law, is displayed at the home of Mrs. Alford W. Thompson, 812 W. Fourth Street.

Cpl. Alford Thompson, her husband, who made the framed flag, recently was inducted into the army at Fort Snelling, Minn., and is now stationed at Camp Robinson, Ark.

Mrs. Thompson’s four brothers in service are T. Sgt. Charles Murphy, Pvt. Daniel Murphy, Pfc. Edward Murphy and Seaman Reginald Murphy, all sons of Mrs. D. G. Thompson, 808 W. Fourth Street, and the late Ray Murphy, former radio station announcer.


T. Sgt. Charles Murphy, 23, recently led the first platoon of American soldier into Leghorn, Italy. He had an unusual experience, while being shelled by the Germans in Pisa near the famous leaning tower, when he had to serve as emergency nurse for an Italian women who gave birth to a baby while taking protection from the shelling under a bridge. He has been in service seven years, which includes his work with the national guards.

Pvt. Daniel Murphy, 20, has returned from Italy after being wounded at Cassino, and wears the purple heart medal, the cluster for that medal, the French medal for bravery upon recommendation of Gen. Charles de Gaulle of the Free French, the English service medal, the allied force wreath, and three stars for three major campaigns. He was called into service with the national guards, and was sent to Ireland from Camp Claiborne, La. From Ireland he went to Scotland to train with the British commando unit. With that unit, he made the initial landing in Africa, fought at Tunisia where he was first injured and later at Cassino where he was again wounded.

Pfc. Edward Murphy, 18, of the Marine Corps, was with the Fourth marines division which recently raised the flag on Guam. He has been overseas one year and has seen action on Bougainville, Kovieng, New Ireland and Saipan.


The fourth brother, Reginald Murphy, was sworn into the navy at Des Moines a few days ago, and expects to train at Great Lakes naval training station, Great Lakes, Ill.

The six brothers-in-law of Mrs. Thompson, now in service, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Thompson, 1122 W. Sixth Street, are Seaman Second Class Howard G. Thompson, Cpl. Robert J Thompson, Pvt. William P. Thompson, Pvt. Patrick Thompson, Cpl. James B. Thompson, and Lieut. Donald G. Thompson.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, August 16, 1944

Silver Star to Sioux Cityan

Lt. Charles J. Murphy, son of the late Ray Murphy, former announcer on radio station KSCJ, and of Mrs. D.G. Thompson, 803 W. Fourth Street, is shown receiving the silver star from Maj. Gen. William Linsey at Ansonalla, Italy. Lt. Murphy was promoted from technical sergeant to second lieutenant on the field after he had assumed command of his company when the officers became casualties.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, April 29, 1945 (photo included)


First Lt. Charles J. Murphy, son of Mrs. Marie Thompson, 808 W. Fourth Street, has been awarded the bronze star for “heroic achievement in action” with the 363d infantry regiment of the 91st “Powder River” division in Italy.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, July 25, 1945