Mahaska County

Pharmacist Mate Lee Moore




Wanted – Home for Dog While Owner Is In Service

WANTED -- Home for dog, until after the war. Call 1576-W or call at 519 north D.

Hasn’t everyone heard someone say, “If I only knew of something I could really do for a boy in the service”? Pharmacist’s mate Lee Moore who is a graduate of OUR High School and attended OUR Penn College is on his way to fight for OUR freedom. He lost his mother this summer and the family home must be sold, but his dog is not for sale. The little black dog may be part Police, maybe Spitz, maybe not, but anyway, Lee cried and kissed his dog good-bye and said, “Please find a home for my dog until after the war. He is NOT FOR SALE.”

Source: The Oskaloosa Herald, Oskaloosa, Iowa, July 23, 1945

Teddy Sure of Home for Duration

Teddy, the little black dog who asks for the home until his master, Lee Moore, Ph. M. 3/c, returns home after the war, finds himself a very popular doggie. All kinds of answers have come from town and country, from hear and far. One little boy whose dog has poisoned and whose father lost his life in France begs for the dog and here in part is another request for Teddy from Pella:

“Dear Mr. Moore:

We, my mother, brother and myself would be happy to care for your dog if you would let us. We have two dogs now. I’ve had a dog ever since way back when.

My husband is in service and I’ll have plenty of time to care for your dog. Our dogs get plenty of good food and all the companionship they need. Please, won’t you let us keep your dog for you until you come home? Things wouldn’t be so lonesome for them then, either. Please, Mr. Moore, let me have your dog. I’ll write you about him every week and we’ll try to make him happy.

P.S. – The boys in our neighborhood aren’t mean to dogs. No one is. They all like them, too.”

Miss Marcella Griffin, aunt of Teddy’s master, is grateful for the more than 35 responses she had had from the plea for a home for Teddy.

Source:  Oskaloosa Herald, Oskaloosa, Iowa, July 28, 1945 (photo included)