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Francis Maynard Molloy


Interesting News From Arnolds Park

Francis Molloy, son of Mrs. Hazel Molloy, has found employment in a bakery in New York state and will remain there permanently. He went east early in the fall to visit and aunt and seek employment.

Source: The Spirit Lake Beacon, Spirit Lake, Iowa, Thursday, February 08, 1940, Page 12

Memorial Services Held At Arnolds Park Sunday

Memorial services were held Sunday, March 4, for Francis Maynard Molloy, Howard Foss and Derald Keith McKinney, Arnolds Park service men who have given their lives for their country.

Francis Molloy entered service in October, 1940, as an infantryman. He later transferred to the air corps. A fighter pilot, he was killed in action in the Mediterranean area in March [31], 1943. Howard Foss entered service in April, 1941, in the infantry, and was killed in action in Italy in November, 1943. Derald Keith McKinney entered service in March, 1943. He was an infantryman and was killed in action on Leyte Island in the Philippines in November, 1944.

Rites were under the direction of the Okoboji Lakes Post No. 654, with William Christenson acting as sergeant at arms, Paul Mansmith and E. Zurns as color bearers and D. Clark and Glen Kilts as color guards.

“The Star Spangled Banner” was sung by Mrs. Harland, accompanied by Mrs. Plooster, and the high school sextette (sic) offered “The Green Cathedral” and “Prayer Perfect.”

Adjutant A. L. Beverly spoke briefly on the service given by these boys. Rev. l. Sams, pastor of the Friends church, and Rev. C. K. Hudson, pastor of Calvary Methodist church, officiated at the impressive service. Post Commander Forrest Jones, and Mrs. A. C. Switzer, Auxiliary present, presented the flags and plaques to the next of kin.

Mrs. Francis Molloy, widow of the young man killed over the Mediterranean; Miss Marjorie Foss, sister of the youth killed in Italy; and Mrs. Melvin McKinney, mother of the youth killed in the Leyte invasion, received the memorial flags that are given by the government to bereaved families. Mrs. Melvin Molloy, sister-in-law of Francis Molloy, Miss Ruth Molloy, his sister, Mr. McKinney, Mrs. Robert Dean, a sister, and John Burger, grandfather of the Foss youth, were also in attendance at the service.

Source: The Milford Mail, Milford, Iowa, Thursday, March 08, 1945, Page 1