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Capt. Henry G. Mohr



Four Sioux Cityans Receive Wings

Four Sioux Cityans are among the many pilots of the gulf coast air force training center to be graduated today, and the four will receive the coveted silver wings of the army air force.

Graduation marks completion of 27 weeks of intensive training. The four Sioux Cityans and the field from which they are to be graduated are; Roman N. Lamberto, 914 Jackson Street, Ellington field; Henry G. Mohr, 1701 South Paxton Street, Moore; Charles H. Roadman, 3823 Garretson Avenue, Ellington and Richard P. Hoffman, 2114 George Street, Foster.

Source: The Sioux City Journal-Tribune, August 5, 1942 (photo included)


Second Lieut. Henry G. Mohr, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. O. C. Mohr, 1701 S. Paxton Street has been promoted to first lieutenant. Lieut. Mohr, now stationed in Hawaii, is a flight leader of 12 airplanes and has been in the service since October, 1941.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, April 1, 1943


Capt. Henry G. Mohr, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry O. C. Mohr, 1701 South Paxton street, has arrived at Randolph field, Tex., to take an intensive course in the army air forces training command’s central instructors school.  Capt. Mohr is one of scores of pilots who have returned from overseas duty to take the four-week course, after which they will instruct aviation cadets.  During his service overseas, Capt. Mohr flew on 41 missions in the central Pacific war area. He wears the air medal with the oak leaf cluster and the distinguished flying cross.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, January 30, 1945