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Rear Admiral Arthur T. Moen



Decorah Man Is Raised to Rear Admiral in Navy

Washington, D.C. –(AP)—The Navy announced Wednesday that President Roosevelt had approved the promotion of 12 naval captains to the grade of rear admiral and of 147 commanders to captain.

Those recommended for promotion from commander to captain, with their home addresses, were:
Benjamin F. Perry, Jefferson, Ia.;
Lisle F. Small, Persia, Ia.;
Arthur T. Moen, Cresco, Ia.;
Edward P. Sauer, Council Bluffs, Ia.

Source: Waterloo Daily Courier, September 10, 1941


CRESCO—Capt. Arthur T. Moen, of the navy, and Mrs. Moen, with their daughter, Mary, en route from Long Beach, Cal., to Washington D. C., stopped off at Cresco from Sunday to Friday, for a visit with relatives. Captain and Mrs. Moen are natives of Cresco. Captain Moen has seen service in the Atlantic and Pacific. He was on duty at Pearl Harbor and later in North Africa. He is now on his way to Washington, D.C. for an assignment for an indefinite period.

Source: Waterloo Daily Courier, Sunday, November 7, 1943

Admiral A. T. Moen Was Native Son

Rear Admiral Arthur T. Moen retired after 40 years of service, moving to Long Beach, California, where he died in 1962. He wife is the former Florence McCook of Cresco, Iowa.

Born in Cresco, December 19, 1894, A. T. Moen was graduated from the naval academy in 1917. He served in various capacities in two World Wars. In the Second war, he had under his command more than 360 large ships and hundred of small landing craft. He was responsible for transporting 300,000 troops and one million tons of supplies through enemy waters without the loss of a single ship.

He took part in landings in North Africa and in the Pacific theater.

His brother is Clarence Moen of Cresco.

Source: The Times-Plain Dealer, Cresco, Iowa, (Centennial Edition), Wednesday, June 15, 1966