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Pvt. Willis Meylink




Pvt. Willis Meylink who is at Fort Meade, Maryland, has an infection in his leg and is hospitalized.  August 25 was the 7th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Meylink, so Mrs. Willis Meylink sent her husband a cake and she also took one to Hull with other refreshment. So the Meylinks and Hymans commemorated the event. Pvt. Willis called up his wife and they exchanged congratulations.

Source: Sioux Center News, August 31, 1944

Hull Soldiers Battle Casualties

Three former Hull boys are reported missing or wounded in action on the Western front this week.

Mr. and Mrs. B. Meylink were informed that Mrs. Willis Meylink of Sioux Center received word from the government that her husband, Pvt. Willis Meylink—in a hospital in England after receiving serious wounds, was not making satisfactory progress.  However, on Sunday evening a letter was received from Willis himself, written with his left hand, and the family feel encouraged.

Source:  The Alton Democrat, January 4, 1945

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Meylink were informed the past week that Mrs. Willis Meylink of Sioux Center received word from the War Department that her husband, Pvt. Willis Meylink, who was seriously wounded while in combat in Germany, but who is now in a hospital in England, was not making satisfactory progress. Sunday she received a letter from Willis dated December 19th, written with his left hand, stating that they should not worry and that he was getting along fairly well.

Source: Sioux County Index, Hull, Iowa, January 4, 1945

Pvt. Willis Meylink, who was wounded in action in Belgium on November 24th, has been awarded the Purple Heart, according to a letter which he was able to write himself with his left hand.  He said he would have preferred a plane trip back to the United States but officials most recent opinion is that he will not return immediately as they had stated as first, but will quite likely be back by spring.  Mrs. Meylink had received a letter from the government dated December 13th, saying that he was not making satisfactory progress, but was reassured when Willis was able to write himself on Dec. 19th.

Source:  Sioux Center News, Thursday, January 4, 1945 (photo included)


Mrs. Willis Meylink went to visit her husband who is now hospitalized at O’Reilly General Hospital, Ward A-1, Springfield, Missouri.  She found him in good spirits, and anxious to begin his course of treatment and the several operations which will restore him to normal or as nearly normal as his various injuries will permit.  His right hand is still quite useless, but he has hope that treatment will bring that nearly back to normal within a couple of years.  The sight of his left eye is almost destroyed and surgeons have given him little hope that it can be restored, but they intend to try.  As for the loss of his voice, they cannot tell until they operate just what can be done on that score.

Source:  Sioux Center News, April 5, 1945


Willis Meylink is back in the hospital bed again, after another infection set in.  His operation of a few weeks ago proved not too successful after all, since the cause of the infection has not been removed.  Mrs. Meylink said she plans to stay with her parents in Hull and will rent the apartment in which she and Willis planned to live, until his health permits more permanent arrangements.

Source:  Sioux Center News, November 15, 1945 (photo included)