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S/Sgt Gaylord V. McMahon




Our neighbors in the Service

Moville, Iowa
—Sergeant Gaylord McMahon, stationed at Nashville, Tenn., is visiting his mother, Mrs. V. McMahon. On his return he will begin officer training.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, July 5, 1943

Moville Sergeant Wounded in Legs in Allied Advance

The 106th General Hospital, Eng.—Advancing across a field as his unit attacked a small town near Hotton, Belgium, when he was hit by fragments from a German mortar shell, S. Sgt. Gaylord V. McMahon, 27, of Moville, Ia., received multiple wounds in both legs. He now is recovering at this United States army general hospital in England.

“Sgt. McMahon’s wounds are healing very satisfactorily and he will be going back to duty soon,” said his ward surgeon, Maj. Robert C. Riggs, of Lexington, Ky.

“We were moving across a field into a small town in a valley,” said Sgt. McMahon. “The Jerries were in positions in the hills on the other side of town and when we came into view they started laying mortar shells on us.

“One of the shells exploded about six feet behind me. I was hit and laid there quite a while. Soon four Jerries came around the corner of a little house not far from me. I tried to get my rifle but when the fourth German showed up he had a stretcher. Some of my buddies had captured the Germans and sent them out on the field to get me. The carried me back to our aid station.”

Sgt. McMahon is the son of Mrs. Vina McMahon of Moville. He has one brother in the army, Sgt. A. E. McMahon, now training with an infantry unit in the United States.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, February 19, 1945