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Lt. Robert R. McLoughlin



Robert R. McLoughlin, 2012 Nash street, has been graduated from the bombardier training center at San Angelo, Tex., and has received his bombardier wings.  Before entering the service, McLoughlin was an employee of The Journal-Tribune composing department.  He is expected to be assigned to some further training after which he will enter active duty with a bombing squadron.

Source:  The Sioux City Journal, May 15, 1943


Lieut. Robert R. McLoughlin, here visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. McLoughlin, 2012 Nash street, was one of the 10 top men in his class when he received his wings as an air corps bombardier at the May 13 graduation exercises of the San Angelo, Tex., army air field.  Lieut. McLaughlin was a linotype operator for The Journal-Tribune before enlisting in the air corps.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, May 19, 1943

Lt. Mc Loughlin Listed Missing
Bombardier Is Reported Lost in Action Over Germany

Second Lieut. Robert R. McLoughlin, bombardier who has been serving overseas September 17, 1943, has been reported missing in action since February 25 over Germany; his wife has been informed in a telegram from the adjutant general.

Lieut. McLoughlin has been stationed in Italy, his wife stated, and was sent to Italy after three weeks in North Africa. Mrs. McLoughlin has received a V-mail letter from her husband dated February 24, the day before he was reported missing.

The son of Mr. and Mrs. F.M. McLoughlin, 2012 Nash Street, Lieut. McLoughlin was born and raised in Sioux City and is a graduate of Central High School. He was employed in the printing department of The Journal-Tribune and Journal for six years before joining the army air corps.

He took his primary and basic training at San Antonio, Texas and Houston, Texas and was commissioned in San Angelo, Texas, May 13, 1943. He and his wife, the former Phyllis Bower, were married in October, 1942. Mrs. McLoughlin lives at 4436 Garfield Street.

Lieut. McLoughlin is a member of the Riverside Methodist Church and the Masonic lodge. His brother, Ensign Francis McLoughlin of the navy air corps joined the navy one day less than a year before Lieut. McLoughlin joined the army.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, March 21, 1944 (photo included)

Three McLoughlin Brothers Will Be Honored Here Today

In honor of three sons in the armed forces, who have not met in three years, Mr. and Mrs. F.M. McLoughlin, 2012 Nash Street, will hold open house beginning at 3 p.m. Sunday.

In attendance will be Lt. Francis M. McLoughlin and Ensign William J. McLoughlin, naval pilots stationed at Corpus Christi and Lt. Robert R. McLoughlin, a bombardier who was a prisoner of the Germans for about 14 months. He completed 19 missions over Europe.

Among the quest will be Mrs. Francis McLoughlin, formerly of Puerto Rico.

Ensign William completed training recently in Pensacola, Florida and Lt. Frances had 22 months overseas in an anti-submarine patrol squadron flying the Martin Mariners.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, July 15, 1945