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George H. McElroy





Features Salesman Now on Shore Duty at Alaskan Base

After 7 months of destroyer duty which took him to Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, the Marshalls and points on the west coast, George McElroy, seaman 1/c, is now stationed at a base in the Alaskan area. His work is "newspapering" with the welfare department. His wife, Mrs. Olga McElroy, lives at 222 4th N. E.

"Nice comfortable base here as far as advanced bases go," wrote McElroy. "I live in a quonset hut on the side of a small mountain . . . good gym for showers and sun lamp . . . plenty of movies and ships service and PX's . . . chow is very good and with the complete week's menu hanging on our office wall, we decide in advance whether to go to chow or get hamburgers and "gedunk" at the PX instead."

Seaman McEroy states that he has been reading with interest about the public improvements, such as the airport, in Mason City. He and 3 others at the base are at present putting out a 4-page, mimeographed daily, which work he finds "interesting and enjoyable."

Before joining the navy last December, McElroy was a salesman for Co-operative Features out of Chicago.

Source: The Globe Gazette, Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, Thursday, October 19, 1944, Page 16

Globe-Gazette Diary

From Alaska came word that George McElroy, seaman 1/c, died of a heart attack at his base where he was helping edit a short paper.

Source: The Globe Gazette, Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, Saturday, November 04, 1944, Page 11