Sioux County

Leo A. Mack
Died 12 Dec 1941


Leo Mack, Alton boy who enlisted in the Army in 1939, was killed in action on December 12th in the Philippines, according to a telegram received here Tuesday morning from his father, A. P. (Tony) Mack, former proprietor of the O.K. Cafe in Alton now at Graceville, Minn., in the hotel business.

Source: Sioux Center News, January 8, 1942

Alton Boy’s Mother First In This War To Get “Gold Star”
Pvt. Leo A. Mack First To Be Killed In New Fighting

By Cong. Vincent F. Harrington

Iowa’s first gold star in World War II goes to Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Mack, of Alton, the parents of Leo A. Mack, who was killed in action on December 12, while serving with the army of General Douglas MacArthur in the Philippines.  It is reported that Leo Mack lost his life at the same time that Captain Collin Kelly was killed dive-bombing a Japanese battleship. Iowa should and will honor the memory of Private Mack in the same manner that nation is now heroizing Captain Kelly.

The greatest deeds of valor in any war are performed by privates.  Outstanding hero of World War I was a Tennessee hillbilly, Sergeant Alvin York.  In this connection, it is gratifying to note that both Army and Navy have been quick to detect, recognize and reward individual instances of bravery in the present war, whether performed by privates or generals.

Source: LeMars Globe-Post, January 26, 1942