Cass County

Pfc. Stanley Leonard



Griswold Soldier Given Purple Heart Medal

GRISWOLD – Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Leonard have received from their son, Pfc. Stanley Leonard, the purple heart, which he was awarded after suffering wounds while in action in France. Pfc. Leonard stated he was ready to again return to the front where he has been engaged in hedgerow fighting. He spoke of how good beef-steak and potatoes tasted again (hospital fare) after living on rations for so long.

Pfc. Leonard has been in France since D-day. Leonard tells of the little dog which annexed itself to his group, how when they were lying in hedgerows whenever the machine guns started, the dog would jump right on their backs and stay until the firing ceased. One day they pet disappeared and they never knew whether he had been struck or had found new friends.

Source: The Council Bluffs Nonpareil, Council Bluffs, Monday, September 04, 1944, Page 5