Adams County

Lt. Clarence Lee



Lt. Clarence Lee Is Interviewed

On the broadcast of the War Service Billboard last Thursday evening, Jack Shelly, Radio Station W. H. O., interviewed Lt. Clarence Lee of Corning. A number of local residents heard the broadcast, which was principally bout “Mopey” and his boys. “Mopey” has been made company commander since his captain was wounded, but feels that he would do a much better job back on his job at heavy artillery. As the interview took place, a battle was in progress, and five German prisoners were close by. Mopey had ordered them to duck the German shells and as they fell to their knees, three of the five were killed by their own guns. It was then Mopey remarked to Shelly, “That is one of things I want to forget.” Presumably, the broadcast was made near St. Vith. Pfc. Joe Wheeler of Corning is in the same unit with Lt. Lee.

Source: Adams County Free Press, Corning, Iowa, Thursday, February 08, 1945, Page 1