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D. S. Lawton




D. S. Lawton Returns After 2 ½ Years with Naval Forces

After two and one-half years with the naval forces, most of which were spent overseas, D. S. Lawton, specialist fireman, 2116 W. 14th street, a Sioux City fire department captain, will return to work on the force probably within the next few weeks.

For the last 13 months, he was in waters adjacent to Scotland and England, and he participated in the invasion of Normandy with an amphibious force. Later he was attached to a salvage unit in the clearing of harbors.

Previously he was in a navy gun crew aboard a merchant ship carrying ammunition for about 14 months. The assignment took him into the Pacific, into waters near north and west Africa.

He joined the fire department here in November, 1918. He was appointed a lieutenant March 21, 1929, and a captain October 1, 1937. He left the department to enter the service September 8, 1942. At that time he was captain of engine 1, headquarters company of the downtown fire station.

Capt. Lawton said at his home Thursday morning that he was glad to be home and was well outside of “being a little nervous.” He expects to rest awhile before resuming his duties as a fire official.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, January 25, 1945