Kossuth County

1st Sgt. Wm. Larson



Burt:  Pfc. Roland Chafee, who has been in the South Pacific for the past 14 months, wrote his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. Chafee, last week that he had finally met his cousin, 1st Sgt. Wm. Larson, of Britt, in New Guinea.  Roland had obtained his cousin’s address and found it only fifteen miles from where he was stationed.  So he borrowed his buddy’s jeep and started for the camp.  When he arrived he saw someone sitting in the tent with his back to the door and he walked in and slapped the soldier on the back and then found it was his cousin.  As Sgt. Larson had been overseas for two years, the boys found they had a great deal to talk about, as well as discovering that they had been only 15 miles apart for the past two months.  Two mothers, Mrs. Chafee and Mrs. Dorothy Larson, of Burt, sisters, were made happy by receiving letters the same day from their sons telling of the meeting in New Guinea.

Source:  Algona Upper Des Moines, September 5, 1944