Woodbury County

Lt. Bill Lansburg





Cpl. Sol Lansburg, on a 30-day furlough from a general hospital at Tacoma, Wash., is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Lansburg, 2707 Jones street.  Cpl. Lansburg is with the army transportation corps and has returned from 31 months in England and France.  While in France, Cpl. Lansburg saw two Sioux City friends, Cpl. Floyd Karp, who recently went into Cologne with the Third armored division, and Cpl. Phil Mirkin. Cpl. Lansburg’s brother, Lt. Bill Lansburg, who is with the air force combat intelligence, recently spent four days at home en route to Greensboro, N. C.

Source: The Sioux City Journal,  March 4, 1945