Muscatine County

S/Sgt. Warren Kurriger


Mrs. Warren Kurriger has returned from Gainsville, Tex., where she spent the past two months visiting her husband, Sgt. Warren Kurriger, who is stationed at Camp Howze, Tex.

Source: Muscatine Journal and News-Tribune, August 26, 1944

Mrs. Warren Kurriger, 202 Green street, has received word that her husband, Sgt. Warren Kurriger, has arrived safely in southern France.

Source: Muscatine Journal and News-Tribune, November 2, 1944

Sgt. Kurriger Missing, Wife Is Informed

Staff Sgt. Warren Kurriger has been listed as missing in action in France since Nov. 26, according to a message received Thursday by his wife, who resides at 202 Green street, but Mrs. Kurriger is of the opinion there may be a mistake connected with the message.

Mrs. Kurriger has received letters from her husband dated Nov. 28, Dec. 1,2, 3, 4, 5 and Dec. 8, the last one 12 days after he was reported missing in action.

In his letters, Staff Sgt. Kurriger mentioned he was in action in Germany while the message related he was missing in action in France.

He was a member of the Seventh Army and had been overseas since October of this year.

Source: Muscatine Journal and News-Tribune, December 29, 1944 (photo included)


Staff Sgt. Warren Kurriger received severe shrapnel wounds to his lower right leg, according to information from the War Department and also from Sgt. Kurriger in letters received by his wife, Mrs. Martha Jean Kurriger, 202 Green street.

Sgt. Kurriger was listed as having been wounded in action in France on Christmas day and had previously been listed as missing in action, War Department information disclosing he returned to duty on Dec. 13, after being missing since Nov. 26.

In the letter to his wife, Sgt. Kurriger said he received his wounds in stepping on a booby trap and at present was receiving the best of care and food in a hospital in France.

Sgt. Kurriger expects to be back in the United States within the next month, according to his letter.

Source: Muscatine Journal and News-Tribune, January 30, 1945

An address has been received for S/Sgt. Warren Kurriger who has returned to the States for treatment following leg injuries suffered in France on Christmas day. His address is: Ward 37-A, McCloskey General Hospital, Temple, Tex.

Sgt. Kurriger was serving with the Seventh Army. He has been awarded the Purple Heart.

Source: Muscatine Journal and News-Tribune, March 1, 1945