Plymouth County

Cpl. Benno Krull






Benno Krull, who has been in the army reserve at Western Union College, received his call this week to report for processing and assignment at Camp Dodge on June 11.  Other reserves at Western Union to leave the same day are Russell B. Kaufmann, Edward O. Kelly and Robert D. Mullikin.

Source:  The LeMars Globe-Post, May 27, 1943


Cpl. Benno Krull arrived here Friday from Camp Funston, Kan., to spend a few hours with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gerhard Krull. Cpl. Krull entered the service on June 11, 1943, and is in the engineers corps. He left Sunday for his camp.

Source:  The LeMars Globe-Post, Oct. 16, 1944