Dickinson County

Pvt. Kenneth Knudtson



Mrs. Raymond Soat received  word Tuesday from her husband that he was in a hospital in England recovering from wounds received in action in France.  The letter was written August 30, but did not state the nature of his wounds or when he had received them.  The letter written previous to that was dated about 10 days before.  It told of being in France.  He wrote that he was taken by plane to England from France and for the home folks not to worry as he would be all right.  Soat, a private in the infantry, went to England in June.  He received his training in the infantry in Texas.

Another Milford youth, Pvt. Kenneth Knudtson has also been wounded in action in France, and taken by plane to an English hospital where he is in a wheel chair.  He was wounded about a month ago.  Knudtson went to England about the same time that Soat did but was known to be in France some weeks before Soat was sent to that country.  He is the son of Ben Soat.

Source: The Milford Mail, September 7, 1944