Woodbury County

Lt. James C. Knoepfler



Brothers in War Zone Have Dinner Together on Ship  

Lt. Robert J. Knoepfler and his brother, Lt. (j.g.) James C. Knoepfler, sons of Mrs. Corrine R. Knoepfler of Iowa City, former Sioux Cityans, had Christmas dinner together in the southwest Pacific without disturbance from the Japanese.

The reunion was on board Jim’s ship, a letter to her related.  Robert received his L. L. D. degree from the University of Iowa in 1941 and went immediately into service.  Jim, who was graduated from Dartmouth College, is a supply and disbursement officer on a destroyer.  The brothers, together for a few hours, in their letter home expressed doubt that such a reunion again could happen.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, February 9, 1945