Osceola County

Austin L. Knapp



Sibley, Ia.—Warrant Officer Austin L. Knapp, 28, son of P. J. Knapp, clerk of the district court here, is a prisoner of Germany, the War Department has reported.  He is one of 12 members of the medical unit from this area reported missing since February 17.

Source:  The Sioux City Journal, April 20, 1943 (photo included)

War Prisoners Tell of Needs

Shaving Equipment, Cigarets Wanted.
(The Register’s Iowa News Service.)

Iowa parents Wednesday continued to get letters from sons in prison camps.  Typical of these were the messages received by Mr. and Mrs. Lennie Cox, of Leon, and Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Knapp, of Sibley.

Pvt. (f. c.) Clifford Cox, 24, taken prisoner in Tunisia Feb. 17, wrote from a German prison camp on Mar. 18.

He told his parents not to worry and stated he was in “comfortable quarters, getting plenty of sleep and food and in good health.”

Cox asked his family to contact the Red Cross about sending letters and packages to him and said he needed “a towel, shaving brush, shaving stick, tooth brush, razor blades, cigarets and candy.”

Warrant Officer Austin L. Knapp, officially reported a German prisoner of war on Apr. 16, wrote he was “taken prisoner on St. Valentine’s day and lost everything but the clothes I had on.”

“I beg of you not to worry,” he continued, “for I am well, living inside, eating, doing a lot of reading and waiting for word from home. Save the county papers for me, please, for a month or so.”

Source: The Des Moines Register, April 29, 1943