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Kenneth L. Klemme


Pfc. Kenneth L. Klemme, son of Mr. and Mrs. Emery Klemme of near Akron, has been transferred to Salt Lake City, Utah, for further training as an aerial engineer with Western Airlines. He was formerly with American Airlines in New York City.

Source: LeMars Globe-Post, July 8, 1943

Kenneth L. , Son of Mr. and Mrs. Emrey Klemme
Serving In Asiatic Area

Mr. and Mrs. Emrey Klemme, northeast of town, received a message Monday from the War Department at Washington advising them that their son, Kenneth L. Klemme, was reported missing in action in the Asiatic area.  Serving in the U. S. Air Corps, he is believed to have been operating against the Japs over Burma, India.  A serial engineer, he entered the service October 11, 1942.  The many friends of Kennth and his relatives sincerely hope that word of his safety may later be received.

Source:  The Akron Register-Tribune, February 17, 1944

Mr. and Mrs. E. Klemme Receive Word From Son, Sgt. K. Klemme, In India  

There was great rejoicing in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Emrey Klemme, northwest of town, when word was received that their son, Sgt. Kenneth Klemme, who had been reported as missing in flight in the Asiatic area since February 7, by the War Department was safe.  This good news was received in a cable sent by Kenneth to his folks.  On February 28 the War Department also wrote them that their son had been found and that he, with the crew of their plane, was walking out of the jungles, and assured them that further reports regarding Kenneth would be forwarded immediately.  On Monday, March 6, they received a message stating that their son was back at his station, safe and well.

Sgt. Klemme, who entered the U. S. Army Air Service October 11, 1942, is an aerial engineer on an Army Transport plane which regularly flies a 900-mile route from India to China, carrying war supplies.  Part of this route passes over the Himalaya mountains, the highest mountain range in the world.  The location of the airports was not given out.  At about the time Sgt. Klemme was reported missing, brief mention was made in press dispatches that two transport planes had collided in the clouds over the Himalayas and crashed, and it was the supposition that the crews of both of the planes were lost.

Source: Akron Register-Tribune, 09 March 1944

Escapes Perils Of Asiatic Jungles After Whole Month’s Wandering
Kenneth Klemme Of Akron Reported Missing Is Safe

A special from Akron says:  After wandering in Asiatic jungles for more than a month, Kenneth Klemme, 24, son of Mr. and Mrs. Emery Klemme of Akron, has been reported by the War Department as safe.  According to dispatches received by the parents, young Klemme found his way out of the jungles and was picked up by American soldiers.  He was uninjured.

Klemme was reported missing in action February 7, when his cargo plane which was delivering supplies to China from India was forced down.  In addition to the dispatch from the War Department the parents received a cablegram from young Klemme saying he was safe and had returned to duty.

Klemme enlisted in October, 1942, received training in Tulsa, Okla., New York and Florida.  He is a graduate of Akron high school.

Source:  LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, March 14, 1944