Iowa County

Herbert Kleinmeyer


Herb Kleinmeyer Writes From Pacific

Sept. 11, 1945
South Pacific
Tribune and Shopper Office:
Hello everybody,
The war finally came to an end and we now have the victory we have been fighting for.  We are on our way for Pearl Harbor from Guam and Saipan; from there I think we are going to the States.  New they are trying to figure out how to discharge us men, but when they drafted us they never had any point system.

They are giving us one-fourth of a point for every month of combat duty we have had. I’ve had sixteen months of combat duty and they are only giving me 4 points for it. If they call that fair I must be crazy.  They are giving the boys that have been in the U. S. A. ever since they have been in the service just as many points as the boys that have been in combat duty. Do you people think that’s fair?

I suppose the people back there are doing lots of driving now, after they took the gas rationing off.  I hope that I can get in on that soon.  Anyway now if anybody gets a leave or furlough, we won’t have to beg the rationing board to give us an extra gallon of gas.

It gets pretty darned hot out here, lots hotter than it ever gets back there.  Well, I must sign off for now.  Good luck.

Thanks for sending me the paper. Hoping that I can be with you all soon.
Herbert Kleinmeyer

Source:  Journal-Tribune & Williamsburg Shopper, Thursday, Sept. 20, 1945