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Sgt. Joe Kenney




Ken Hoffman Trains For Commission

Kenneth Hoffman, looking fit and fine, arrived in LeMars from Ireland, Sunday, to visit his parents.  Hoffman, a member of Company K, LeMars, enlisted for service early in the war.  He has been in Ireland the past year and returned to this country to enter an Army officers training camp.  Queried as to his destination he said he did not know where he would be stationed.  He said he was glad to get back to the United States, and he is not worrying about the future.  With military caution, he did not say much about his Army experience.  He said he liked Ireland, which had only one drawback, and that was it rained too much and too often.  He liked the Irish and English he met and said American soldiers were royally treated.

Jos. Kenney, another LeMars boy, accompanied him on the trip and will be here in a day or two to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Kenney.

Source:  LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, October 20, 1942


Sgt. Joe Kenney arrived here Friday from Camp Butner, N.C., for a short furlough in the home of his mother, Mrs. Ed Kenney.  Sgt. Kenney is a former member of K Company and went with that company to Northern Ireland.  He returned home in October with Staff Sergeant Kenneth Hoffman to take officers training.  Sgt. Hoffman is now a lieutenant.  Sgt. Kenney will return to Fort Benning on July 8 to complete his officer’s training and then will be commissioned a lieutenant.  He said that he missed his old mates in K Company and felt sorry for all the hardships they had to go thru in defeating the Axis powers in Tunisia.  Also visiting in the Kenney home are Staff Sergeant and Mrs. Louis J. Kenney, of Camp Carson, Colo.

Source:  The LeMars Globe-Post, May 27, 1943