Sioux County

S/Sgt. Edward Keizer





Pfc. Gerald Keizer writes from the Philippines that he is seeing plenty of action, but tells his mother not to worry about him. She had not heard from him for about five weeks, so letters dated January 20 and 21 were especially welcome. S/Sgt. Edward Keizer, his brother, is now in the Dutch East Indies.

Source: The Sioux County Capital, Orange City, Iowa, February 8, 1945

Saw “Betties” Land

S/Sgt. Edward Keizer was stationed on Ie Shima (near Okinawa) when the two white and green “Betty” bombers carrying the Japanese surrender envoys flew in, and saw the Betties land and Japanese officers disembark. He also visited Ernie Pyle’s grave on the island, described in a recent letter from M/Sgt. Don Gerber.

Source: Alton Democrat, September 13, 1945