Howard County

Gerald John Jones




No. 5 of a Series

Gerald John Jones, son of Mr. and Mrs. Liewellyn Jones of 3 ½ miles southwest of Chester, Iowa, entered service in the U.S. Army by way of Selective Service on July 6, 1941. He was inducted at Fort Des Moines and entered training at Camp Wolters, Texas, in Company C, 61st Infantry Training Battalion. He is one of five men who had a rating of 1 in three examinations given to 220 men in Company C, and who were sent to Headquarters after their Army training. He is now post office clerk in the Main Post Office.

He was graduated from Chester High School as an honor student in the Class of 1930 and completed three years of college work at Upper Iowa University, Fayette. He took a normal training course at Upper Iowa in the summer of 1931 and received a certificate from Oxford Institute, Chicago, in 1932 for a course in business administration. He attended U.I.U. in 1939-40 and 1940-41, and earned one year’s college credit through summer schools. He was affiliated with the national honorary commercial fraternity Pi Rho Zeta and men’s social fraternity Rho Sigma Chi.

Gerald was auxiliary mail carrier from Chester for two years, was census enumerator in 1935 and worked at carpentry work with George Hughes of Lime Springs in the summer of 1936. He taught rural school No. 6 in Chester Township one year and Forest City Township No. 5 for three years.

He served as substitute Railroad mail clerk during the holidays in 1940 and was due for an appointment for that job in a few weeks after he was inducted.

He was born March 23, 1914, in Saratoga township, Howard county, Iowa.

His present address is: Hq. Det. C.A.S.C., Camp Wolters, Texas.

Source: Lime Springs Herald, May 21, 1942 (photo included)