Woodbury County

Pvt. Wilbur V. Jacobson





Private Charles (“Chuck”) Dirr, son of Charles H. Dirr, 4505 Fifth avenue; Private Howard G. (“Rud”) Peterson, 2120 S. Glass street; Private Wilbur V. Jacobson, 4406 Fourth avenue; Private Robert C. Roberts, son of Homer Roberts, 1609 Helmer street; Private John E. Carlin, son of Edward Carlin, 2808 Boies street; Private George G. Birmingham, son of Edward H. Birmingham, 2823 Pierce street; Private Franklin L. Nelson, 1229 S. Paxton avenue; and Private Vincent G. Nagy, son of Martin Nagy, 3640 Summit street, are training in the V-12 program of the Navy at the University of Notre Dame as part of a marine detachment.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, August 10, 1943