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Cpl. Arnold D. Jacobs





Corporal Arnold D. Jacobs, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Jacobs, 2109 Hamilton Street, is stationed somewhere in North Africa, according to letters reaching his parents.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, April 9, 1943

Cpl. Arnold Jacobs at Casino, Anzio and Push on Rome

Cpl. Arnold Jacobs, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Jacobs, 2109 Hamilton street, is spending a 30-day furlough in the home of his parents after 32 months overseas.

A member of the Iowa national guard which entered active service in February, 1942, and was trained at Camp Claiborne, La., he has most recently been a wireman in telephone communications, making telephone connections at advanced posts. After his furlough, he will report back to his outfit, which is the headquarters battery of the 185th field artillery in Italy.

In the Spring of 1942 he went to Ireland, then to England, and in January, 1943, to Africa where he took part in that campaign. In September, 1943, the division moved to Italy and took part in the campaigns at Casino, Anzio, Leghorn and in the push on Rome.

On his ribbon signifying service in the European theater of war are three battle stars. One is for the African campaign, another for the Italian campaign which covers the period in Italy until the fall of Rome, and the third covers the campaign from Rome to the Arno river. He also wears a good conduct ribbon and a pre-Pearl Harbor ribbon.

Cpl. Jacobs attended Woodrow Wilson junior school and was employed by George Fintzell, an electrical contractor, before he left Sioux City for military service.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, January 3, 1945 (photo included)