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S/Sgt. Wilbur Heuertz



NEWS of the Boys in the Service.

Corporal Wilbur J. Heuertz arrived in LeMars Monday morning to spend a 12 day furlough with his sister, Mrs. Albert Kurtzhals, in LeMars and relatives east of Oyens. Wilbur is in the aircorps stationed at Daniel Field, Augusta, Georgia.

Source: LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, August 10, 1943


Cpl. Wilbur J. Heuertz is spending a 15-day furlough visiting his father, M. V. Heuertz, east of Neptune, and also his brothers and sister, Victor and Stanley, Mrs. Albert Kurtzhals and Mrs. Ed Lewis of Sioux City. A family picnic will be held in his honor Sunday at the home of his father.

Source: LeMars Globe-Post, August 16, 1943


Sgt. Wilbur J. Heuertz left on Wednesday afternoon for Tinker Field, Oklahoma, where he is a supply sergeant, after a 15-day furlough spent here with his father, M. V. Heuertz, and his brother and sister. He was guest of honor Sunday at a family dinner in the home of his sister, Mrs. Albert Kurtzhals.

Source: LeMars Globe-Post, November 16, 1944


S/Sgt. Wilbur Heuertz, who is stationed at McCook, Neb., is spending a few days visiting in the home of his father, Mike Heuertz, in Union township. He reports back to his duties on Sunday.

Source: LeMars Globe-Post, April 27, 1945