Plymouth County

T/Sgt. Harlan W. Heeren



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[Photograph published on the front page of the newspaper]

Source: LeMars Globe-Post, January 1, 1945


T. Sgt. Harlan W. Heeren, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harm F. Heeren of this city, was recently awarded a bronze star medal from headquarters of the first bombardment division, somewhere in England. He is a member of the United States Army air corps.

The citation reads:
“For meritorious service as sheet metal crew chief of a sub-depot organization from January 1944 to November 1944. Throughout this period Sgt. Heeren demonstrated untiring initiative and an exemplary devotion to duty.

“Employing a high degree of proficiency he devised a procedure for changing nacelles which eliminated the necessity of salvaging the inner wing panel whenever a necelle was damaged beyond repair. Through experience and careful study of the nacelle, Sgt. Heeren perfected a system hereby a saving of forty man hours could be effected in reassembling, or a total of 80 hours for a nacelle change, as compared to four hundred man hours for an inner panel change.

“Due to the unceasing efforts of Sgt. Heeren, damaged aircraft were repaired in a greatly reduced period of time. The exceptional skill and ingenuity displayed by this soldier during this period reflect great credit upon himself and the armed forces of the United States. Entered the military service from California.”

Source: LeMars Globe-Post, Thursday, February 15, 1945

[Photograph published on the front page of the newspaper]

Source: LeMars Globe-Post, April 2, 1945