Woodbury County

Pvt. Joe F. Hayes



Correctionville Soldier On Way Home After Two Years in Germany

Good news, a telegram from the adjutant general, Washington, Friday informed Mrs. Margaret Hayes of Correctionville, that her son, Pvt. Joe F. Hayes, a German prisoner since February 17, 1943, has been repatriated and will return to the United States soon.

Pvt. Hayes was held in prison camp Stalag 3-B, about 60 miles south of Berlin, his mother said. The War Department telegram informed Mrs. Hayes that she might send her son a 25-word message to be delivered if possible to him and that he will communicate personally with her immediately on his arrival in this country.

One of a medical detachment, Pvt. Hayes was inducted April 18, 1941, and went overseas in February, 1942. With the national guard from Sioux City, he was stationed in Ireland and Scotland and participated in the African invasion. He as captured at Faid Pass, Africa. His last visit home was in November, 1941.

Pvt. Hayes has received regular mail and packages from during his imprisonment, his mother said. Her latest letter from him bore the date November 26, although two cards, dated earlier, arrived on the day that the War Department telegram came.

He has a sister, Mrs. Walt Hichert, living here at 903 Eighth street.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, February 10, 1945 (photo included)