Hardin County

T/Sgt. Russell Hayden


News About Men in Service From Over Northeast Iowa

IOWA FALLS—Tech. Sgt. Russell Hayden is home on sick leave and is visiting his aunt, Mrs. Odessa Latch south of Iowa Falls. About six months ago while serving with an engineer corps in north Africa, he was wounded and has been hospitalized in north Africa and Topeka, Kan., since that time. In Tunisia last spring he and two companions were walking in an open place when a Nazi plane came over them and dropped bombs. Hayden dropped to the ground, but the other two were killed. Fragments struck one had and arm, and the hand has been paralyzed following the infection which developed. He is a brother of Agnes and Marion Hayden of Iowa Falls.

Source: Waterloo Daily Courier, Sunday, Nov. 7, 1943 (photo included)