Woodbury County


Lt. Joseph E. Hanna


Lt. Walter D. Wertz, son of Mrs. Faye Wertz, 2100 S. Newton street, and Lt. Joseph E. Hanna, son of Mrs. Ellie Hanna, 3421 Fourth avenue, stood side by side to receive the air medal and an oak leaf cluster at a 13th air force presentation ceremony in the Philippines.  Both are bomber pilots and flight commanders with the veteran Crusaders medium bombardment group of the Jungle air force, which bombed the Japanese from Borneo.  Both fliers led formations in the pre-invasion bombardment of Brunei, Tarakan and Balakpapan and flew air support missions in coordination with Australian forces engaged in mopping up operations.  Lt. Hanna has been overseas eight months and has flown 37 missions.

Lt. Wertz completed his sixth month overseas and his 29th mission.  Although neighbors, they were not acquainted until Army assignment brought them together overseas.

Source:  The Sioux City Journal, September 11, 1945