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Lt. Col. Darrell M. Hanna



While on leave, Darrell M. Hanna, former Sioux City attorney received notice from the War Department of promotion from the rank of captain to that of major.  Maj. Hanna has returned to Washington where he is in the judge advocate’s division of the air force ferrying command.  His wife is now living in Moorhead, Ia.

Source:  The Sioux City Journal, July 28, 1942


Lt. Col. Darrell M. Hanna has returned to Washington D. C., after spending a two-week leave with his wife at 707 Rebecca street, and his mother, Mrs. Hazel Wright.  Col. Hanna soon will resume his duties as staff judge advocate of the European wing of the air transport command in London, where he served for 14 months. Before coming here, he attended a conference for staff judge advocates in Washington. Col. Hanna is a former Sioux City attorney.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, July 2, 1945

Gets Bronze Star In Paris

Lt. Col. Darrell M. Hanna, son of Charles Hanna of Jefferson, Iowa, was awarded the bronze star medal in a recent presentation ceremony by Brig. Gen. Earl S. Hoag, formerly commanding general of the U. S. AAF air transport command’s European division.  Colonel Hanna’s wife, Mrs. Evelyn M. Hanna, resides at Sioux City.

The award was made for “noteworthy accomplishments and outstanding performance of duty with The European Division, ATC.”

Colonel Hanna is staff judge advocate for the European division, which has charted across the European continent a 14,500 mile network of air routes.  This organization, which during the war against Germany flew passengers, material and mail into Europe in unparalleled volume, is now engaged in flying home veterans of the ETO and wounded combat men.  ATC is also serving the remaining occupation forces and providing air transport needed for the reconstruction of Europe.

Colonel Hanna, who entered the service in February, 1942, arrived in the ETO in November, 1943.

The Sioux City officer was graduated from the University of Iowa in 1931 with a bachelor of arts degree and in 1932 with a doctor of jurisprudence degree.  Prior to entering the service, he was an attorney in Sioux City.

Source:  Jefferson Bee, October 2, 1945 (photo included)