Woodbury County

Melvin Iven Handke



Melvin Iven Handke was born 11 September 1926, in Oto, Iowa, to Henry and Edna (Downing) Handke. He attended Oto Public Schools. His siblings are: Gifford J., Joseph D., Harold R., Ai, Portis H., Leo W., Tracy L., and Ross O.

Melvin enlisted in 1944 while living in Oto. He trained in the Great Lakes. He was stationed in Newport News, Virginia. He served on the USS Bremerton Naval Ship (CA 130) 5th Division. He was in Pearl Harbor in 1945, crossed the Equator in June 1945, bound for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; also in Shanghai, China, January 17, 1946.

Melvin was one of eight brothers who served in WWII. They were honored by the Iowa American Legion about 7 February 1963. This was mentioned in the Moville Record the week of 7 February 2003.

Melvin married Deloris Van Norman, 26 July 1946, in Moville, Iowa. To this union was born six children, Rick, Burton, Randy, Kathy, Patty and Julie. They have 15 grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren.

Son, Rickey Lee, has four sons, Melvin, Aaron, Bernie and Paul (twins). Rick enlisted in the Navy on 27 July 1965. He served overseas in numerous places and was discharged in 1969. He and Linda (Rieter) live in Maple Grove, Mn. They married 25 June 1983 in Minnesota.

Son, Burton, married Pamela Skidmore, 9 April 1988, in Lawton. They have two sons, Corey and Mathew. Corey married Marie Davis. Mathew lives in Bronson. Burton enlisted in the U.S. Air Force, 19 September 1969, served overseas and was discharged in 1975. They live in Bronson.

Katherine was married to Raymond Smith, 10 July 1970, in Waynesville, Mo. They have one son, Gene, and he has two children, Austin and Jessica Marie. Raymond enlisted in the Army in 1969, served in many places and was discharged in 1989 after 20 years of service. They live in Rolla, Mo.
Patricia married William Oehlerking, 23 May 1970, in Bronson. They have two sons, James and William, and a daughter, Carrie. William enlisted in the Army in 1970 and was discharged in 1972. They live in Bronson.

Julia married Marvin Castle, 13 June 1973, in Bronson. They have three sons, Cory, Shannon and Jesse. Marvin enlisted in the Marines in 1972, served in many places overseas and was discharged in 1992 after 20 years. They live in Bedford, Ia. Cory enlisted in the Army, August, 1996. He is stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington.

Randy married Lena Leninger, 6 July 1996. He has a son, Shane, and a daughter, Amber. They live in Mississippi.

Melvin was an avid fisherman and loved to hunt also. He was greatly interested in his CB Radio and his friends on the air. Melvin passed away 10 August 1990. Deloris still lives in Bronson, Iowa.

Submitted by his wife, Deloris Handke.