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Russell H. Haggerty




Men and Women In Service

Russell H. Haggerty, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Haggerty, 2138 Nash Street, is at the naval training station at Farragut, Idaho.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, May 18, 1943

When three next door neighbors celebrate their birthdays simultaneously, the matter is worthy of the attention of the eminent Robert L. Ripley.  The celebrators are, left to right:  Mrs. Minnie Linscott, 65, 2132 Nash street; Bud Haggerty, 19, 2138 Nash street; and Mrs. Anna DeLaughter, 57, 2126 Nash street.  May 18 was the day, but the celebration had to be postponed until Seaman Haggerty could obtain a leave of absence from the Navy.

Source:  The Sioux City Journal, August 15, 1943 (photograph included)