Woodbury County

Cpl. Lawrence C. Guillaume




Cpl. Lawrence C. Guillaume, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin A. Guillaume, 3106 Panama street, who is serving at a Ninth air force reconnaissance base, France, has been awarded the distinguished unit citation ribbon as a result of a presidential citation to the Ninth air force’s 10th reconnaissance group. The group photographed enemy beaches where the assault troops intended to land, and the troops studied the shore obstacles and enemy defenses from the photographs.  The citation of Cpl. Guillaume and his group reads in part:  “Flying unarmed and unescorted at altitudes as low as 25 feet, the pilots of the 10th group fearlessly flew their aircraft over the difficult photographic runs in the face of intense fire from some of the strongest anti-aircraft installations in western Europe.”  Cpl. Guillaume has been in service since October, 1942, and overseas since December 5, 1943.  He is an armorer with a P-51 Mustang tactical reconnaissance squadron.

Source:  The Sioux City Journal, March 11, 1945