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Chester Sterling Gralund




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Torpedoman’s Mate 1/c Chester Sterling Gralund recently visited a guerilla camp in one of the islands in the Philippines.  Gralund, who has been serving aboard a Seventh fleet PT boat, and his mates were the guest of a guerrilla captain and his group in the then Jap-occupied territory. A large feast was prepared by the guerrillas in their well-hidden camp and the Americans were greeted by large groups of the natives.

Graland is a graduate of McKinley high school and was employed by the Quaker Oats company prior to his entering the Navy. His wife, Mrs. Norma Graland, lives at 2209 D street SW.  He is the son of H. E. Gralund, 1525 Sixteenth avenue SE.

Source: Cedar Rapids Tribune, June 21, 1945