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Sgt. Arthur Goeringer




Hull Soldiers Battle Casualties

Three former Hull boys are reported missing or wounded in action on the Western front this week.

Rev. and Mrs. Goeringer received a message Thursday that Sgt. Arthur Goeringer, their son, was missing in action Dec. 10, in Germany.  Arthur was inducted in March, 1942, and received his training at Camp Barkley, Texas, and in California.  He was home on furlough in January of this year [1944], then went overseas.  He was in the 90th Division.

Source:  The Alton Democrat, January 4, 1945

Rev. and Mrs. E. Goeringer received a message Thursday that their son, Sgt. Arthur Goeringer was missing in action, December 10th, in Germany.  Sgt. Arthur left in March, 1942, for Camp Barkely, Texas, and later was sent to Louisiana and California.  In January 1944, he was home on furlough, then went to Fort Dix, New Jersey, and was sent overseas to England, France and Germany. He was in the 90th Division.

Washington, D.C.
Edward Goeringer,
Hull, Iowa.
The Secretary of War desires me to express his deep regret that your son, Sergeant Arthur C. Goeringer, has been reported missing in action since 10 December, in Germany.
If further details or other information are received you will be promptly notified.
--Dunlop (Acting the Adjutant General)

Source: Sioux County Index, Hull, Iowa, January 4, 1945

Sgt. Arthur Goeringer Is Again Back on Front Line

Rev. and Mrs. E. Goeringer have received several letters and also an official communication informing the family that their son, Sgt. Arthur Goeringer is again back on the fighting front.

Through some misunderstanding of event, Rev. and Mrs. Goeringer were notified that their son was missing in action on December 10, in Germany. 

This is indeed good news for the Goeringer family and their many Hull friends rejoice with them.

Source: Sioux County Index, January 18, 1945