Iowa County

James L. Giblin


James Giblin Receives Discharge From Navy

James L. Giblin, son of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Giblin of Parnell, received his discharge from the Navy on Sept. 7, at Bremerton, Wash.  He and his wife spent some time the past week at the parental Giblin home at Parnell.

Giblin was in the service for three years, 7 months, and 17 days, serving for a long period on the U.S.S. Philadelphia in the Mediterranean theatre until the summer of 1944.  He was then transferred to the U.S.S. Pittsburgh and sent to the Pacific. The Pittsburgh was badly damaged and had to return to the west coast for repairs.

Giblin was one of a few men on the ship who had enough points for discharge.  He and his wife will make their home for the present in Cedar Rapids with the lady’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Walker.

Source:  Journal-Tribune & Williamsburg Shopper, Thursday, Sept. 20, 1945