Sioux County

Sgt. Albert T. Gerritsen



Billy Gerritsen, Missing, Said To Be a Prisoner

Pvt. William T. Gerritsen, who was reported missing in action in Italy some weeks ago, is a prisoner of war of the German government, according to a telegram just received by his mother, Mrs. Jennie Gerritsen. The message follows:

“Report just received through the International Red Cross states that your son, Private William T. Gerritsen, is a prisoner of war of the German government. Letter of information follows from provost marshall general. ~Ulio, the Adjutant General.”

This news is a big relief to Billy’s family and hundreds of friends here.

His brother, Sgt. Albert T. Gerritsen, is still in the hospital from the wounds he sustained in action but is improving rapidly and has been awarded the Purple Heart, which he sent home to his mother.

Source: Rock Valley Bee, August 25, 1944