Pottawattamie County

Dick Geppert


Geppert Brothers Meet Once More
 Separated Two Years, Both Commissioned

Two brothers, in navy and army respectively, who have not seen each other for over two years, are visiting at the home of their parents this week, after completing courses which resulted in their receiving commissions in two different branches of the armed services.

They are Ralph, 26, and Dick, 22, who have been visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Geppert, 3501 Fifth avenue during the last week.

Dick, although the younger of the two boys, outranks his older brother, inasmuch as he received his ensign’s commission on Aug. 3, while Ralph received his second lieutenant’s commission Aug. 5, but the latter feels that his added age is enough to keep his brother from “pulling rank.”

The Geppert boys have two brothers who are also in the service, Bob and Lawrence. Dick and Ralph, however, have been separated the longest of any of them.

Prior to attending school at the aviation volunteer service school at St. Simon’s Island, Ga., Dick had spent 18 months in the navy, while Ralph had spent nine months in bleak and icy Greenland.

Dick and Ralph are both graduates of Thomas Jefferson high school, Ralph in 1935 and Dick in 1940, where both were on football and wrestling teams. Both also attended the University of Iowa. Ralph was graduated in 1942. Dick left after two years to enter the navy, but expects to return when peace comes. Both were members of the University of
Iowa wrestling team and were on the same team in 1942, Ralph’s senior year.

They are going to be separated soon again, but look for a long reunion when the war is over and they and their brothers will be back in the United States to stay.

Source: The Council Bluffs Nonpareil, Council Bluffs, Sunday, January 05, 1947, Page 3