Dickinson County

Sgt. Rocky Fronk

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Sgt. Rocky Fronk Returns To States From Overseas.

Mrs. Anna Fronk, who is now in Huntington Beach, Calif., has notified relatives and friends here that her son, Sgt. Rocky Fronk of the army rangers, has arrived in the States and recently visited with her in California.  Sgt. Fronk was in California with her from May 13 to 30, and has now gone to a hospital in North Carolina for care.  He hopes to have another leave to visit Spirit Lake relatives and to fish in good old Spirit Lake.

It will be remembered Sgt. Fronk went to Europe with the first American forces. After being stationed in England and Scotland, he was sent to Africa where he participated in the landing operations.

He was a member of a ranger battalion that saw action in Italy, but at the time that Sgt. Arlo Fox, also of a ranger battalion, was reported missing.  Rocky was ill and did not take part in that action. Rocky has visited with Major Don Rodawig in both Africa and in Italy, and recently the Major wrote that Rocky was awarded the Purple Heart and one oak leaf cluster, for having been twice wounded. His mother reports that he looks as well as he could after his experiences.

Source: The Spirit Lake Beacon, June 15, 1944