Woodbury County

Albert Friedrichen



Albert Friedrichen, gunner’s mate first class, and a veteran of nine years of service in the Navy, is visiting his brother, Harry Friedrichen, 2743 S. Cornelia Street.  He was in the South Pacific area from July to November on a ship which carried supplies for the invasion of Leyte.  The ship was under bombardment by the Japanese several times.

Mate Friedrichen has had a wide variety of experiences in the present war.  He is a survivor of the U. S. S. Peary, which was sunk February 19, 1942, at Port Darwin, Australia.

After being picked up by an Australian hospital boat, he spent five months in a hospital at Melbourne to recover from burns.  He then returned to this country and was assigned to convoy duty through the Caribbean when the submarine peril was at its height.

On his last assignment, he spent five days on the island of Leyte while the American invasion was under way.

Source:  The Sioux City Journal, January 7, 1945