Cerro Gordo County

Pvt. Harold D. Frazier




Memorial Is Conducted by W. R. C.

At the Women’s Relief Corps meeting Tuesday afternoon in the Legion hall, with Mrs. C. E. Sherwood presiding, memorial services were held for 15 service men who had lost their lives in defense of their country.

A memorial table was arranged by Miss Betty Russell with flags, patriotic emblems, and garden flowers. A blood plasma fund container was in the center with a placard, “In Memoriam to a Fallen Hero.” Mrs. Sherwood gave the names who were Pfc. John M. Garcia, Platoon Sgt. William C. Cross, Pfc. Roy J. Schultz, Sgt. Cecil Waldmoe (sic, should be Woldmoe), Pharmacist’s Mate Maurice T. Hurlt, Sgt. Robert H. Anderson, Sgt. Robert D. Fowler, Signalman Dale E. Wentworth, Sgt. Harvey McDougle, Cpl., Keith E. Dye, Pfc., Wallace Spinger, Pvt. Harry Paxton, First Lt. Richard L. Grow, Pvt. Harold Frazier, Staff Sgt. Ernest Ruhnke.

Mrs. Erma Hewitt placed the corps check of $7.50 in the container and led in the Lord’s prayer. Mrs. Hugh Stevens placed a piano solo, “America, The Beautiful.” The additional check brings the total for blood plasma fund to $132.50.

Source: The Globe Gazette, Mason City, Iowa, Wednesday, August 02, 1944, Page 6

Get Posthumous Awards

Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Frazier have received from the war department 3 awards for their son, Pvt. Harold D. Frazier, who was killed in action in France on June 6, D-Day. They are the purple heart, citation of honor and bravery, and a memorial signed by President Roosevelt. Pvt. Frazier also had a sharp shooter’s medal and a good conduct medal.

Source: The Globe Gazette, Mason City, Iowa, Thursday, October 19, 1944, Page 16 (photo included)