Sioux County

Cpl. Dries Franken
His Obituary



Cpl. Dries Franken, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerrit H. Franken, has been reported wounded in action in France.  His parents received the telegram on Monday morning, August 21.  A letter arrived from him on the same day, telling them that he has been injured in the shoulder and was also suffering from shrapnel burns.  He wrote that he was taken from France to England by plane but did not think he would be there very long, which his parents take to mean that the injuries were not too serious and he no doubt will be sent back to France soon.  This letter was dated August 11. Dreis is married to the former Dorothy Marra, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tunis Marra of near Hull, with whom she and her daughter are now making their home.

His address is: 
Cpl. Dries Franken
4180 Hospital Plant WS/7
APO 115, c/o Postmaster
New York City, N.Y. 

Source:  The Sioux Center News, Thursday, August 31, 1944 (photo included)