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S/Sgt. Harvey W. Fohner



S. Sgt. Harvey Fohner Now in England

An Eighth Air Force Service Command Station, England
Staff Sergeant Harvey W. Fohner, son of Mr. and Mrs. Amos Fohner, of Laurens, is stationed at this strategic air depot where B-17 Flying Fortresses of the Eighth Air Force are maintained and repaired. He works in the A. O. G. (aircraft on ground) section which procures high priority parts, equipment and supplies for grounded bombers so that they will spend a minimum of time on the ground. His wife, Mrs. Frances Fohner, is now living at 804 Fourth street, San Bernadino, California.

Staff Sergeant Fohner is a graduate of Laurens High School and prior to his entry into the army April 20, 1942, he was department head at Montgomery Ward and Company, Storm Lake. He has been stationed in the European Theater of Operations since June, 1943. His brother, Dwight Fohner, is a MoMM 1/c in the Navy.

Source: Laurens Sun, February 22, 1945