Carroll County

Pvt. Marvin L. Feld


Confirm Reports Pvt. M L. Feld’s Death Last Year

Confirmation of the death of their son, Pvt. Marvin L. Feld, who was reported killed in action in France Aug. 2, 1944, has been received by Mr. and Mrs. Joe Feld from the office of the chaplain of the Thirty-Sixth Armored Infantry Regiment.

The letter states in part: “It is with a truly sympathetic heart that we confirm the report which you have received from the War Department stating that your beloved son, Pvt. Marvin L. Feld, Company G, of the 36th Armored Infantry Regiment, was killed in action somewhere in France on August 2, 1944. His body was laid to rest in the United States Army Cemetery located in France with full military honors and with a Catholic Chaplain officiating at burial.”

“Your son lived up to the high standards of the United States Army in the discharge of his duties as a soldier.”

Pvt. Feld had been in service nearly a year, but overseas only six weeks at the time of his death.

Source: Carroll Times Herald, March 8, 1945